During your pregnancy we provide regular checkups in accordance with maternity guidelines.
We take our time with you and your baby as well as...
• determine the position and size of the baby
• listen to the fetal heart tones of your baby
• measure your blood pressure
• take blood samples, as well as vaginal smear tests, when necessary
• make urine tests
• conduct CTG controls in the case of exceeding the due date

We will discuss with you the particulars of the respective months of your pregnancy.
And we have plenty of time for your questions.
Pre-natal checkups can be made alternating with checkups by your chosen ob-gyn,
or you are more than welcome to schedule all checkups with us.
If any peculiarities arise - which is rarely the case -
we work in close cooperation with your ob-gyn.

In the event of pregnancy-related complications, we offer treatment with acupuncture and homeopathy, for example with…
• Breech presentation of the baby
• Premature labor pains
• Water retention
• Varicose veins
• Moderately raised blood pressure
• Glucose intolerance
• Nausea
• Iron deficiency
We are permitted to ascertain a pregnancy and to issue you a pregnancy logbook.

The birth of your child is a unique, fascinating, and individual experience. Your baby and your body
have been preparing you for it over the last months. You will experience this event relying on your
own resources, with the support of your baby and your partner. Ideally, this should take place in a location
where you feel at home. A quiet atmosphere is key, as well as the ability to be freely mobile in accordance with
your needs. This will enable you to dedicate yourself to your labor.
In a comprehensive consultation we will help you to choose the birthing facility that best suits your needs.
This may be a hospital, a birthing center, or even your own home.
We provide our support during home births, or at the birthing center "Maja".
If you choose a hospital for an ambulatory birth, we would be happy to advise you.
In the search for a suitable clinic, but unfortunately we will not be able to attend you
during the birth itself. Naturally we would still provide prenatal and postnatal care.
A birth is a completely natural process during which we midwives are in attendance
to provide guidance and support. At home birth, your midwife comes to your home.
You can can make your home as cozy as you like for the birth.
We will provide individual care in a respectful manner.
Your midwife will support you according to your personal needs. Our mutual goal is for you to tap into
your own resources.At regular intervals during the birth we listen to your baby’s heart tones.
Your well-being and that of your baby is our chief concern.
A few hours before your child is born, a second midwife from our team comes to her assistance,
enabling your partner to concentrate fully on the birth itself. In this way anything your midwife might
require will be provided by a colleague. The second midwife will have been present
during a consultation, so that you get to know each other
During the birth she will respectfully, calmly, and unobtrusively assist, in keeping with
the overall atmosphere. You will enjoy the luxury of having two midwives solely attending
you during the birth.
We provide you with a birthing tub which has been specifically designed for this purpose.
In the course of a detailed consultation, we will discuss your requirements for a home birth.
This period encompasses the first six to eight weeks after the birth.
You have undergone and mastered a tiring and demanding birth. You and your baby are now
in need of plenty of peace and quiet. After the long months of the pregnancy and the many hours of birth,
your body needs to recuperate. The birth was also physically taxing for your baby, and he/she
is also in need of security and a quiet atmosphere. You and your family should spend a good deal of time in
bed during the early weeks. It is a time of quiet and getting to know each other, and you will bond as a family.
Nobody knows your baby better than you do. During the pregnancy you have already established close contact.
You will intuitively provide your baby with everything he/she needs.
As midwives, we will accompany you on this new "family adventure". Over the first days we will make
daily house calls to oversee your progress. Amongst other things we will discuss breast feeding,
show you various feeding positions, monitor the healing of the uterus, and provide you
with support in dealing with your child.. If you like, you will receive a relaxing abdominal massage.
We are always there to answer your many questions.
After approximately one and half weeks, we will stop by to make house calls every two or three days.