Postnatal exercises
The pelvic floor, with its three layers, lines the pelvic cavity. It serves for stability and
supports the internal organs. During pregnancy it is put under considerable strain.
For these ten months it supports not only your child, but also an additional 10 to 15
kilos of weight. A well trained pelvic floor provides you with a pleasurable love life
and prevents organ prolapse and incontinence as well as back pain and poor posture.
After the birth it is extremely important to strengthen the pelvic floor with specially
targeted exercises. Eight weeks after the birth of your baby, you may begin with
postnatal gymnastics. During a total of 10 hours you will become adapted to exercises
that will help enable you to train your pelvic floor.
The cost of the course will be covered by your insurance. Babys are welcome.
Reclaim your pelvic floor for yourself!

Postnatal exercises according to the Cantienica® Method
The Cantienica® Method for body shaping and posture utilizes the pelvic floor to
optimally straighten out the entire skeleton. All essential deep muscles are
enhanced, thereby taking strain off the pelvis and freeing organs from pressure.
This leads to swift yet sustainable straightening and a better sense of physical well-
being. Your pelvic floor becomes optimally strengthened, and your self-perception sensitized.
The results quickly become noticeable and visible. This enables you to intensively
come to grips with your body, and to discover it in new and wonderful ways. This
course costs an additional 80 Euros over and above the costs for postnatal exercises
that are covered by your insurance.
Further detailed information about Cantienica® can be found at:

Postnatal exercises on the SUP board
This intensive workout trains and strengthens your core muscles and pelvic floor:
you are on a stand-up paddleboard on the water, keeping your balance and
offsetting the motion of the waves. You will quickly regain the feeling of
strength and ease in your body by using this special technique after the birth.
You will be given a comprehensive introduction before your first experience
on the board, which makes this course perfectly suitable for beginners.
Take a break from your daily routine and enjoy the view, the calm and the
harmony of being on the water. Find your inner and outer balance.
Let us paddle into the sunset! This course takes place in the "Pura Vida"
sailing school at the Rummelsburger Bay.
Rent for the SUP board is included in the fee for the course.