Pregnancy, birth and the entrance to your new life´s chapter of motherhood is a time of transition,
growth, excitement and profound beginnings. It is a wonderful and demanding journey.
It is important and very beneficial to offer yourself time and space to relax and adapt to all
these big physical and emotional changes.
Shiatsu can accompany you safely during these times.
Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing art that takes its roots from Chinese Medicine and literally
translated means, “ finger pressure”. It supports and strengthens your body’s natural ability to heal
and balance itself as well as offering a better understanding of it as a whole.
Through gentle touch, comfortable pressure, and various stretches it helps to adjust your body’s
physical structure, balance its energy flow and can be experienced as profoundly calm and peaceful.
It’s holistic framework and approach improves vitality, supports well-being and creates a sense
of greater self-awareness.
During pregnancy it can help you embrace your changing body, reduce discomfort that comes with it
(upper and lower back, legs, pelvis) as well as strengthen the connection to your baby.
Shiatsu after birth can support you as a new mother to re-gain energy, calmness and patience and
provide a safe space to care for yourelf while entering the wilderness of motherhood.

● A Shiatsu session lasts approximately 60 minutes. It takes place on a floor-based futon and is applied in light and comfortable clothing.

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