Practicing Yoga during pregnancy can help establish well-being and balance, both
emotionally and physically, which are vital during this time of transition. With
"Birthlight" Yoga, emphasis is placed on deep breathing and relaxation. The aim is
to help the mother to nurture herself and connect with her baby. Gentle fluid
movements, sound work and exercises to tone and elasticize the pelvic floor
muscles are all used to assist the mother towards experiencing a more comfortable
and joyful pregnancy, as well as an optimally easy and gentle birth.

The Cantienica® Method for body shaping and posture gives you strength, mobility
and stamina for the phases of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal recuperation. It is
an ideal and intensive preparation for the demands that will be placed on you.
Discover the strength, beauty, and flexibility of your body, in an very special manner.
This new awareness will bring you self confidence and a wonderful new physical
sense that will help you cope with the birth with self reliance. During pregnancy your
body is more adaptable and capable of learning than in any other phase of life. With
the specialized training of the Cantienica® Method, problems such as back pain,
heartburn, and weight gain can be prevented. It will help you to achieve a dynamic,
upright posture that ultimately will also benefit your child. Get yourself and your child
into shape, and learn to understand your body in a whole new way.

We offer continuous pregnancy courses which you can join at any time. Please
register as early as possible, since there is only space for seven people at one time.