Katharina Perreira

My name is Katharina, born in Jena in 1970, and a midwife since 2004.
Spending time with my family and friends gives me strength
and makes me happy.
Books, theater, movies and visits to the Hamam bathhouse
are important to me.
I feel personally connected to the Caribbean,
the people there,and their lifestyle.
Beind a midwife brings me in contact with people
from all walks of life, which i find enriching.
I speak English fluently.



Franziska Streich

I was born in Neuruppin in 1981, and I am the mother of a
wonderful daughter. Being together with my family and spending
time withgood friends is very important to me.
I find strength through being in nature and by dancing.
I laugh a lot and love delicious food and good music.
Additionally, trips to foreign cultures fascinate me.
As a midwife I look forwardto advising, strengthening and
accompanying you with mindfulness on your individual path.
Además hablo español.

Cato Warm

My name is Cato, and I was born in 1982 on a sunny, freezing
cold November day in Bremen. I live together with my three
wonderful children, I enjoy the outdoors and love to ride my
bike through Berlin. I love long conversations, books and
ocean breezes. Since I yearned for a profession in which
I could work with my hands, I became a midwife.
In that respect it is satisfying for me to be able to
support so many different kinds of people, in a mindful
and expansive way, throughout their pregnancies and the
and the early time with their child.
I speak English fluently.



Jule Schekahn

I was born in 1980 and grew up in beautiful Hallertau, in Bavaria.
After completing my exams in 2003, my profession as a midwife led
me through Namibia to Berlin. This is where I met my husband,
and in the meantime we are the proud parents of three wonderful
children. I most like to spend my free time with my family and
my friends. I find it very exciting to be a midwife, and it
provides me with great pleasure.

Susanne Kreusler

I, Susanne, was born in Berlin in 1980. After many excursions
out into the wide world,I still love and live in this city.
I prefer to spend my free time with my three children, and in
addition I passionately create music or dig in my garden.
What I appreciate about my work is that no one day is like another.
Each family is individual -and in that way it is always
fascinating for me to accompany you throughout this exciting time.
I speak English fluently.

Roswita Eggerding

In 1978, immediately after passing my midwife examinations in Hanover,
I began accruing clinical experience as a midwife in that city.
Afterwards I continued to live in Hanover, working as a home birthing
midwife for twelve years. After many years spent living in Italy,
I returned to Berlin, working in the Birthing House Kreuzberg, Berlin
from June 2013 until January 2016. Since then I have been working as
part of the home birthing team at Hebammerie. I was born in 1954,
and am the mother of three children. I raised my first daughter as a
single mother, while my last two children were raised as part of my
Italian/German family. I put my whole heart into my work as a midwife,
and I look forward to working together with you as women, with your
partners and with your newborn children.
Parlo bene l’italiano.

Helen Mulsow

I was born in 1989 in Demmin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), and grew up there as well.
I’ve always been drawn to far away lands in order to get to know new people and
their cultures. I am a passionate cook, enjoy spending time with my friends and
family, I practice yoga and I meditate. Sunshine, long walks in nature and good
food give me strength. As a midwife I look forward to supporting you in this new,
exciting and special time, and to providing guidance on your journey.

Birte auf der Heidt

I came to the world as a spontaneous breech birth in Berlin, in 1979,
and was raised in Tempelhof. The home births of my four lovely
children ultimately led me to becoming a midwife myself, and I very much
appreciate being able to practice this wonderful vocation. In addition
I love the ocean, I enjoy being creative and I most prefer spending time
with my family and friends, accompanied by good music.


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