Katharina Perreira

My name is Katharina, born in Jena in 1970, and a midwife since 2004.
Spending time with my family and friends gives me strength
and makes me happy.
Books, theater, movies and visits to the Hamam bathhouse
are important to me.
I feel personally connected to the Caribbean,
the people there,and their lifestyle.
Beind a midwife brings me in contact with people
from all walks of life, which i find enriching.
I speak fluently english.



Roswita Eggerding

In 1978, immediately after passing my midwife examinations in Hanover,
I began accruing clinical experience as a midwife in that city.
Afterwards I continued to live in Hanover, working as a home birthing
midwife for twelve years. After many years spent living in Italy,
I returned to Berlin, working in the Birthing House Kreuzberg, Berlin
from June 2013 until January 2016. Since then I have been working as
part of the home birthing team at Hebammerie. I was born in 1954,
and am the mother of three children. I raised my first daughter as a
single mother, while my last two children were raised as part of my
Italian/German family. I put my whole heart into my work as a midwife,
and I look forward to working together with you as women, with your
partners and with your newborn children.
Parlo bene l’italiano.

Peter Wolf

I was born in 1981 in a hospital with view on the Rhine river. I love Argentinian
Tango, nature, cultural diversity and the summer in Berlin. The fascination about
pregnancy and birth awakened still during my first studies of social anthropology
and education. Midwifery became my profession after my second studies later in
Cambridge. In the UK, midwifery is taught as an academic subject with loads of
practical experiences in huge maternity centres. When I came back to Germany,
I added to "midwifery science" the “art of midwifery”. With this mix and the
necessary bit of intuition, I accompany mothers and fathers during births
at home or in a free-standing birth centre (Geburtshaus Maja), during the
whole of pregnancy, and the post-natal phase.

I speak English and German, tambien hablo Español, falo bem Português, et j’ai déjà
accompagné des femmes et couples en français.

Read more here: http://midwife-peter.berlin/