Katharina Perreira

My name is Katharina, born in Jena in 1970, and a midwife since 2004.
Spending time with my family and friends gives me strength
and makes me happy.
Books, theater, movies and visits to the Hamam bathhouse
are important to me.
I feel personally connected to the Caribbean,
the people there,and their lifestyle.
Beind a midwife brings me in contact with people
from all walks of life, which i find enriching.
I speak fluently english.



Roswita Eggerding

In 1978, immediately after passing my midwife examinations in Hanover,
I began accruing clinical experience as a midwife in that city.
Afterwards I continued to live in Hanover, working as a home birthing
midwife for twelve years. After many years spent living in Italy,
I returned to Berlin, working in the Birthing House Kreuzberg, Berlin
from June 2013 until January 2016. Since then I have been working as
part of the home birthing team at Hebammerie. I was born in 1954,
and am the mother of three children. I raised my first daughter as a
single mother, while my last two children were raised as part of my
Italian/German family. I put my whole heart into my work as a midwife,
and I look forward to working together with you as women, with your
partners and with your newborn children.
Parlo bene l’italiano.