How do you feel?

How do you feel inside your pregnant body? You are welcome to enjoy the process and let yourself be pampered like a Goddess during this blossoming time. But sometimes a pregnant woman may feel uncomfortable with her new body, struggle with certain pregnancy related symptoms or an illness. Every pregnancy presents itself in a unique way and we hope to support you in accepting and honoring your body as it is now. Nevertheless, we are able to treat and stabilize your unwanted symptoms together and support you and your baby to find your highest state of well-being. A conscious physical preparation for the birth and a focus on the mothers emotional health, will have a positive influence on the birth process. Certain body work and body therapies provide excellent results in:
-Optimizing the position of the baby for birth
-Helping the baby to adopt the optimal birth position
-Relieving or eliminating back pain, strains and tensions
-Developing the intimate relationship with your body and your baby
-Preparing for birth together with your partner
-Stabilizing, strengthening and toning your posture and pelvic floor

Physical and mental well being is an integral component inside the wide sea of women’s health. The treatments and courses take place here in your Hebammerie.


The time of pregnancy, birth, and becoming a new mother is a complex time of personal growth. It is a wonderful, beautiful and deeply rewarding process that is also extremely challenging and exhausting. While on this turbulent journey, it is particularly important to pause every now and then and prioritize self-care. Once a mother is relaxed, she gains strength in order to enjoy this unique phase of life. Shiatsu is a wonderful option to join you on this journey.

Shiatsu is the Japanese art of body therapy that literally means “finger pressure.” Its origins lie in traditional Chinese medicine to support and strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself through balance. Through this practice, a mother can find deep awareness. With gentle pressure touch and various stretches, the physical structure and flow of energy in the body are restored. This has a deeply calming, peaceful and stimulating effect. Shiatsu helps to accept the changes in your body caused by pregnancy and may relieve any discomfort in the back, pelvis or legs. Shiatsu can also intensify the mind-body connection to you and your baby. After birth Shiatsu may support you in physical and mental regeneration. Some women report a feeling of loss in their body after birth; Shiatsu builds the bridge to find the way back to yourself with fresh energy, peace and patience. Consider it a calm and sheltered haven  from the stormy seas of motherhood. A Shiatsu treatment takes about sixty minutes on a futon on the floor with the body clothed in light, comfortable clothing.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle approach to harmonizing the nervous system, muscular structure throughout the entire body. At times the body becomes imbalanced due to stress or physical changes such as pregnancy and childbirth. The body speaks to us through muscle tone and pain. In order to bring our body back into balance, we need to pay attention to our own messages. Often it is the case that certain aches and pains are easily resolved through gentle touch, rest and relaxation. During craniosacral therapy the body is stimulated to support our ability to self regulate and in turn sustain our inner strength. A session lasts about fifty minutes and usually takes place lying down, so that the patient can give in and release.


Pregnancy yoga is a gentle and mindful practice to gain strength in movement. These poses increase your stamina, an extremely helpful skill for birth. Yoga supports your search for finding balance in the tide. The postures from Hatha Yoga are modified for pregnancy and help stabilize you and your baby. It is important to properly nourish your core and pelvic floor dynamically during pregnancy. This ensures not just strength, but flexible stability to elevate mobility and function. A present mindset can alleviate some of the ailments of pregnancy turbulence. Breathwork and relaxation exercises promote serenity, and offer a conscious pause to round off the lesson.

Cantienica® -Body in Evolution

The Cantienica® method provides strength, flexibility and support to the body structure during pregnancy. This practice effectively prepares the body for the heavy demands of childbirth. Get to know your body all over again! Learn to control and activate the deepest muscles within. Experience more lightness by integrating beneficial posture to your everyday life. The Cantienica® method focuses on a lengthening that stretches the pelvic floor particularly well. Within every exercise, every step, you train your deep abdominal and pelvic floor. These delicate yet strong fibers will carry your baby, birth your baby, and support your organs after the birth. While learning about the connection between the deep core, back and pelvic floor muscles, you not only become more physically stable, but in turn, all the more prepared for childbirth and postpartum.

The Hebammerie offers an ongoing Cantienica® course for pregnant women on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. Trial lessons are possible at any time. We also offer a Cantienica® Mamafit course, which is ideal for the physically demanding everyday life of mothers with babies. Learn to build a stable core by properly engaging your pelvic floor when carrying, standing, and walking. Experience the benefits of integrating functional movement in your everyday life.