Antenatal care

A midwife guides a mother from the very first moment of confirming the pregnancy, to establishing the due date and the issuance of the German “mutterpass.” This relationship is nurtured through continuous visits throughout the pregnancy, with regular check ups specific to the Mutterschaftsrichtlinien guidelines.

Your midwife takes the appropriate time and space by asking how you are and answering as many questions you may have, no matter how big or small. She talks to you about the specific growth patterns at every visit, so you can learn and enjoy the sweet details of every month of your pregnancy. Within each visit the midwife will:
• Feel the position and size of baby (together with you and your partner)
•Hear the baby’s heartbeat
° Take blood samples
• Measure your blood pressure
• Urine testing
• Vaginal pH swabs (if necessary)
•Carry out CTG checks if you are passed due date

It is also possible for the examinations to be split with your gynecologist. It is very important that at least every second check-up is carried out by your midwife. We believe that the regular check ups with your midwife will help support  the intimate relationship to prepare your body for birth, breastfeeding and postpartum. Throughout the pregnancy visits,  a woman develops trust simultaneously within and with her midwife. Upon early examination, we recognize and treat any early symptoms that would warrant further medical assessment. Should complications arise, the midwife can work closely with your gynecologist, while still maintaining the holistic perspective and care necessary. In case of rare circumstances, the midwife and gynecologist can work together in instances such as:
• A breech baby
• Premature labor
• Water retention
• Varicose veins
• Slightly increased blood pressure
• Glucose intolerance
• Nausea
• Iron deficiency

We can also accompany you with “Early Loss“ .


The birth of your child is a deeply personal experience. Every pregnancy, every person has their own unique story to tell. Your baby and your body is made for this, preparing your child for months. You will master this process with your own power and with the support of your baby, partner and birthing team. To create the ideal birthing environment, it is important that you are in a space in which you feel comfortable. A quiet atmosphere that allows flexibility of movement and motion, so that you can dive fully into the work of labor, undisturbed, and in complete trust with your body and the team. Whether it be in a hospital, or the center of your very own home, you and your midwife may choose together where this event shall take place.

Many women find that they are able to feel safest in the comfort of their own homes. This safety allows them to activate their deepest inner strength. In the event that you should choose a homebirth, you are welcome to contact our home birth colleagues. Rosi Eggerding, Susanne Kreusler and Jule Schekahn look after women and their families who are planning home births. Like all birth providers, your well being and the safety of the baby is our main concern. During these vulnerable hours, our midwives care for our mothers with the utmost respect and sensitivity. There will also be a second midwife, with whom you have previously met, arriving a few hours before the birth of your baby to join and help where needed. This is especially to support the midwife, so that the birth partner can be fully present for you.

It is also possible to arrange a registered birth in the August-Viktoria Hospital with our two midwives, Susanne Kreusler and Jule Schekahn. Prior to the birth you will meet with your midwife for prenatal visits and once in labor, she will either come to your home or you will meet at the clinic. Most importantly, you have the luxury of having the same midwife at your side during the entire birth, and who is dedicated only to your birth. Susanne Kreusler and Jule Schekhan also take care of you during a home birth.

Unsere Hebammen stehen beratend bei der Wahl des Geburtsortes an Ihrer Seite. Sie werden von Ihrer Hebamme zu den Vorsorgen in der Schwangerschaft und im Wochenbett betreut. Zur Geburt gehen Sie in das Krankenhaus Ihrer Wahl. Dort wird Sie Ihre Hebamme nicht begleiten.

Early Loss

Was your pregnancy unexpected or suddenly terminated? The Hebammerie is here for you during this difficult transition. In truth, every sixth pregnancy ends unintentionally before the twelfth week. Many women feel they somehow caused this, but we believe it is important to understand that there is no way for you to influence this fate and it is absolutely not your fault. Only your body can decide whether a pregnancy continues or ends, regardless of how you behave, what you may have eaten, how you exercise or what kind of stress you may be dealing with. Perhaps you made a conscious decision not to have the pregnancy. No matter the reason, the sudden or intentional end of pregnancy can trigger sorrow, pain and doubts within you. We want you to know you always have the option of support with our midwives. This is regulated by law and paid for by the health insurance companies. In the event you do not have a midwife already, we offer the opportunity to be accompanied before, during and/or after your early loss. Within our first meeting, we will discuss all your options. Depending upon the week of your pregnancy there are options to wait or combine the medical process with naturopathic medicine and as always, a holistic perspective. The midwife will be available for you during this transition, and will additionally make house calls afterwards to monitor your physical and emotional health. If you decide to have an abortion, we will support you through the process in the same way. We have plenty of time to talk, so please feel free to contact us.

Postnatal phase “Wochenbett”

The period of the German “Wochenbett” extends over the first eight weeks post childbirth. After such a glorious act of strength and endurance, it is within this time essential for you and your baby to rest. Your body prepared for nine months and after this grand entrance she needs the appropriate space to recover and heal.

Birth is exhausting for you and  your baby. Recovery is supported best through a secure and calm atmosphere. During the first few weeks, it is ideal for you and your family to spend almost all your time in bed. Within this intimate early environment, the continual bonding and connection unfolds. Consider it a honeymoon with your baby as you grow together as a family. No one knows your baby better than you, so embrace this, enjoy this given gift of intuition. Throughout the entire pregnancy you have established a very close relationship and developed your natural instincts. Your midwife is there to support you through this new family adventure.

In the beginning of the “Wochenbett” period, she will come to your house every day. These first few days can often be overwhelming, so having her there to hold space and answer questions, such as breastfeeding, can help soothe and settle any uncertainties. We also observe the size of the uterus, the weight of the baby, and how to care for your new gift. If you wish, you may also receive a relaxing and nourishing abdominal massage, to honor and thank your organs and tissues. We value the well being of mother and baby and have found it can also be healing to discuss what happened in birth. We provide space and time to reflect on any events whether celebratory or contemplative, or both!

After about a week and a half, your midwife will visit you every two to three days up until the 12th week. It is also possible to plan further appointments after your child is 6 months to discuss supplementary food, baby sleep, working and breastfeeding.